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The difference between my summer skin tone and my winter skin tone makes me hesitant to believe any skin bleaching rumors about celebrities tbh

You look better light skinned tbh

Ya know at first I was just gonna reply with a clever retort along the lines of “you would sound a lot smarter with your mouth closed”, and call it a day. But tbh I’m not mad at you for saying that, I pity you. You’re just another black woman thats been brainwashed by the media into having that “lightskin is the rightskin” mentality. Hopefully one day you’ll open your eyes and realize that beauty isn’t just Beyonce and Rihanna but also Naomi Campbell, Gabrielle Union and Lupita Nyong’o.😊😌

that response gave me life again

You….you could have just ranted.Or screamed. We wouldn’t have thought less of you. Instead, you educated her.Thank you! You put my faith back in humanity!

Omfg you just made me smile so hard, thank you!!!

Oh my God. What a beautiful response. The darker skin is just as, if not more beautiful than the lighter tone. She was ignorant to even try it but you gracefully let her know about herself.

Regardless of what skin color you are throughout the year, you’re always a handsome man because you are just handsome to begin with.

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